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Lollipop sandwich

Lollipop sandwich

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Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sandwich lollipop:

I peeled the toast slices and placed them next to each other. On top of them I placed slices of cheese. I operated on the cheese with slices of ham. I heated it in the microwave for a few seconds. The hot sandwich made it easy to roll. I fixed the roll formed with 3 skewer sticks. I cut the roll between the skewer sticks and I got 3 "lollipops".

The sandwich, one of the great gastronomic discoveries invented by mistake

No matter what you put in it, the sandwich is basically the same thing, two slices of bread between which are some good ingredients. Meat, sausages, cheeses and vegetables, seasoned with mustard or ketchup sauces. As it looks and as much as they are sought after today, you would say that sandwiches are an invention of the century of speed, as it was called in the twentieth century.

Well, they were actually invented around 1700 by the fourth Duke of Sandwich. The story goes that the duke played so much, that he could not break away from the hours of playing cards. He ordered the servants to bring him the steak between two slices of bread, with lettuce leaves and sauce. Thus, he ate at the game table and did not even get his hands dirty.

Nicolae Ceaușescu, fascinated by the Ewing family

The Dallas series premiered between 1978-1991. The action takes place in the city of Texan Dallas, in the center of the action appears the daily life of the Ewing family. The film is considered one of the most successful American & # 8222 soap operas & # 8221.

The series had 357 episodes, followed by three movies. The music in the film's credits, composed by Jerrold Immel, became famous.

The series was broadcast in Romania because Nicolae Ceausescu wanted to show his people the evils of capitalism. The effect was the opposite, the series contributing to the awareness among Romanians that their standard of living is much lower than in the West. The main characters made the Romanians wait with their souls in their mouths to see what other evils J.R. (Larry Hagman) and how Boby (Patrick Duffi), Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), Pamela (Victoria Pincipal), Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes), Lucy (Charlene Tilton), Ray (Steve Kanaly) and Cliff (Ken Kercheval).

Easter Metine and Jumping Rabbits and Eyes

The Metin2 multicolored Easter event is announced on March 11. The Easter Bunny is waiting for you with a basket full of rewards and the cities are decorated with festive banners. Fantastic costumes are waiting for you with incredible new set bonuses!

* Start: March 11 at 01:00

* End of drop: April 6 at 01:00 PM

* End of event: April 7 at 1:00 PM

Do you think you will spend Easter hunting extravagant eggs while eating chocolate bunnies? No chance! Monsters are much faster in their search for eggs and have already stolen them from everywhere. Go hunting, recover those tasty delicacies and exchange them for the well-deserved rewards from the Easter Bunny.

## Easter Metins and Magic Eggs

Make an omelet from Easter Metinele and with a little luck you may find a valuable Magic Egg inside. It can be opened three times and contains treasures such as Spell Object, magic pearls and priceless Blue Dragon Beans.

## Easter in the Object Store

You can also discover the magic of Easter in the item store! What we have in store:

Prepare your tickets and win fantastic prizes such as Zodiac Talismans, Will Talismans, Ritual Stones, Dragon Flame, Personal Premium Store but also Easter companions and mounts!

From 11.03. and until 05.04.

They are not only delicious, but also useful: ** Acadeaua Poznasă and Acadeaua Magică ** are made of secret recipes that offer you + + 50% EXP, + + 30% physical damage and additional, powerful fighting effects.

Get our fantastic ** Illusion Rabbit Costume ** (red or black). You can also have a blue or pink ** Hurry Bunny ** next to you - each with its own character attributes.

Benefit from ** set bonuses **: equip the suit with the hat, pamper yourself with a lollipop and ride on the new rabbit mount!

Equipped objects Set effect

2 Power against Metin Stones + 3%

3 Power against Metin Stones + 3%, chance of drop + 5%

| 4 | Power against Metin Stones + 5%, chance of drop + 10%, EXP + 50%

We wish you a happy Easter,

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If you drop the phone in water, put it in a bowl of rice for at least 24 hours. During the night, the rice attracts the Chinese who will come to fix it for you.

Many of the discoveries in history were made by mistake. This is also the case with some of the most popular snacks. They have some very interesting stories.

Ice cream on the stick, Popsicle

The American Frank Epperson patented ice cream - lollipop, under the name Popsicle. He was an enterprising boy of only 11 years old, in 1905 in San Francisco. He forgot a glass of juice with the stick used to mix it on the porch in front of his house, and after a cold night the juice had frozen. When Frank wanted to take out the stick, he came out with the frozen juice, thus giving birth to the first ice cream on the stick. Nine years later, Epperson registered the invention.

Potato chips

Many consider American chef George Crum, the legal inventor of chips. In 1853, a customer complained that the chef's chips were too thick, and to get revenge, Gorge Crum sliced ​​the potatoes very thin, fried them until they became very crunchy, and served them with a little salt on top. The client really liked it.

French apple tart

Tarte Tatin is one of the most beloved French desserts, an overturned apple tart. It has a charming story. It is said that it was invented in the 1880s, in a hotel owned by two sisters, Caroline and Stéphanie Tatin, on a day when the latter burned the apples on the tart and, in an attempt to save the cake, put the puff pastry. on top, then turned it over.

French pancake Crêpe Suzette

Crêpe Suzette was invented by a French waiter in a restaurant in Monte Carlo in 1895, when he accidentally burned the pancake topping, turning it into a caramelized alcoholic sauce. The pancakes were prepared for some special guests, including the Prince of Wales of Great Britain, the future King Edward VII, who liked them so much that he asked them to bear the name of one of his companions, a Frenchwoman. Suzette.

The cookie with the chocolate pieces

According to legend, the chocolate chip cookie was created in the 1930s in a restaurant in Massachusetts (USA), when the owner Ruth Graves Wakefield added pieces of chocolate to the biscuit dough, hoping that they would melt and give the dough a chocolate color. The pieces remained intact and this is how the famous Chocolate Chip Cookies were born.

Perfect in the kitchen

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Confetti-looking lollipop cake


The basis for the lollipop cake recipe

Ingredients for the cake mix:
- 125 g of butter at room temperature
- 90 g of sugar
- 1 pinch of salt
- 2 eggs (small)
- 110 g of flour
- 1 packet of Bourbon vanilla (for 500 ml of milk)
- 2 teaspoons of baking powder
- 1 tablespoon of milk
For baking form:
- 1 tablespoon of fat
- 1 tablespoon of wheat flour

Confetti-looking lollipop cake

Results & icircn about 20:
- 1 vanilla cake (about 420 g of sponge cake, see recipe)
- 5 tablespoons of liquid, for example jam, fruit juice or liqueur
- 50 g of powdered sugar
- 300 g of white chocolate
- 100 g of colored sugar ornaments

Method of preparation

For the cake mixture:
Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Grease and sprinkle the baking tin with flour.

Put the margarine / butter in a bowl and beat with the mixer until smooth. Gradually add sugar and salt. Mix the eggs separately for about 30 seconds at the highest setting.

Mix the flour, baking powder and pudding powder. Alternately add the cake mixture and milk until a thickened mass is formed. Put the cake mixture in icing form and smooth.

Bake in an oven (hot air convection) for about 45 minutes. Leave to cool for about 10 minutes and remove the cake from the pan.

Confetti-looking lollipop cake. Method of preparation

1. In a bowl, place the previously prepared and cooled cake in large chunks.
2. Add the jam and mix with the mixer until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
3. Model two rolls. Cut & icircn pieces of about 20 g each and shape into small balls.
4. Melt the chocolate on a steam bath. Mix the powdered sugar in a bowl. & Icircnfige the balls on a wooden stick.
5. Immerse the balls in icing. Our recommendation: to prevent the icing from leaking, dip the inclined balls, and then rotate them to even out the icing.
6. Cover with ornaments immediately. Allow the lollipop cakes thus obtained to cool, using a glass full of sugar as a support.

The perfect recipe help

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Do you know the true meaning of the Christmas tree? It's amazing! True story:

One night I had a wonderful dream. I dreamed that I had just finished my housework and was getting ready for bed when I heard a noise at the front door. I opened it and, to my surprise, there was an angel in the doorway with a full sack. He put his finger to his lips, motioning me not to scream.

"What are you doing here?" I began to ask him, but the words fell on my lips when I saw the tears in his eyes. No trace of unbridled joy in his eyes, but only a gentle and warm sadness. And in a whispered voice he began to say to me: - I have come to teach you the ancient meaning of Christmas - that profound meaning, given to oblivion nowadays…

- I came to teach you that the Star was the heavenly sign of a promise made centuries ago. God had promised a Savior, a Savior for the fallen world, and one of the signs of the fulfillment of that promise was the great Star of the East. The star at the top of the tree or in the window now reminds us of God's love for mankind and of the fulfillment of that promise made by God. The countless stars that twinkle in the night - one for each - now speak of the burning hope of all mankind. And the angel carefully placed the star on the hearth, then took out of a sack a bright red stalk.

- I came to teach you that red is the first color of Christmas. Christians who used it for the first time chose it to remind them of the blood of the Savior, the blood that was shed for all men at Calvary, when Christ gave His life for us, so that each of us may have the gift given to us by God - eternal life. Red is a full, intense, vivid color. It is the greatest of all colors. It symbolizes God's gift to us. Then the angel looked at me with gentle eyes, and continued, "I have come to teach you."

The full green of the fir tree contrasted so beautifully with the red tinsel. This was certainly the second color of Christmas!)… The green color of the Christmas tree remains the same throughout the year. It symbolizes the eternal hope of mankind. Green is the color of youth, of unconquered hope, the promising abundant color of nature. All those needles point to the sky, symbolizing the thoughts of the man who always turns to heights - and where else can his help come from? The old green fir tree, he was always man's friend. She sheltered him under his fallen branches, warmed him, gave him beauty, furnished his house.

Suddenly I heard a crystal clear click. It seemed as if it had been coming for centuries. I have come to teach you that just as the lost sheep are found by the sound of the bell around his neck, so the sound of the bell should remind the man that he must return to the flock from which he got lost. The bell means guidance and retrieval, it means return and reminds us that each one has an incomparable value in the eyes of the Lord.

And as the ringing of the bell went out into the night, the angel revealed a candle. He stuck it in the candlestick on the fireplace and lit it. The darkness of the room receded as if frightened by the flickering rays that flowed enchantingly from the dim light, painting fairy-tale images on the walls of the room. "Don't forget," the angel whispered, "that the candle shows man's gratitude for the ancient Star." Its faint light is like a reflection of the twinkling of the stars in the night. At first, the candles were lit in the Christmas tree, now replaced by multicolored light bulbs. Every man must be a light that speaks of God's gift, of His incomparable work for the salvation of mankind.

Then the angel took a gift out of the sack. He showed me the ribbon that adorned the gift, and said to me, "The gift is beautifully wrapped. Just as the ribbon binds the gift, so must the people be bound together by good will." Goodwill among men, this is the message of the ribbon.

I was waiting to see what else the angel had in the bag. But he reached for the branches of the fir tree and took off a stick-shaped lollipop. He handed it to me carefully, telling me: the lollipop is the staff the shepherd uses to bring his lost sheep back into the stable. The lollipop represents the hand outstretched to our Christmas brothers - the hand that comes to their aid. The lollipop symbolizes the fact that each one is the guardian of his brother.

Then the angel paused. I realized it was time to leave, but it was as if the twinkle in my eye was telling me he had something else to show me. I don't even know when he put his hand in the bag, I just saw him hand me a Christmas tree. Seeing my hesitation, he hung it at the front door and said, "Please don't forget that this crown symbolizes the eternal character of love - love never ceases, never ends, never restrains." It is an endless circle of love, the beginning of which we often do not know, and the end of which we seek in vain.

Afterwards the candle continued to dress the room in a gentle and enchanting light, and my thoughts rested for a long time on the whole angel who had taught me on Christmas Eve: to give and help, to love and to serve - this is what Christmas is about, and more. late Calvary. What else do you want to do in life? "

Let us not forget what is the true meaning of Christmas and on the Holy Night in which we celebrate the Savior to receive him in our homes and hearts, to dedicate at least one day of the year to HIM.

Fondant bars or candies are very easy to make, but can be decorated in a lot of colors. Play with colors and candy decorations and give a gift made by yourself to your loved ones

For the fondant bars, make a well-bound syrup from a large cup of water, 1 kg of sugar and 2 tablespoons of vinegar, over which ½ a packet of margarine is added. After the syrup has cooled, add 300 g of fried flour - yellowed, 300 g of ground walnuts or hazelnuts and biscuits until it thickens. Make balls, bars or even gift boxes and leave to harden for 2 hours, then add 500 g of household chocolate, melted with 50 ml of oil on a steam bath.

You can use white chocolate for decoration, in which you can add different shades of food coloring, and then you can decorate them after each one with sugar paste. If you feel your hand shaking and you know you don't have a talent for decorating, you can just sprinkle different candies for decorating in different shapes and colors, when the chocolate hasn't hardened yet.

TIP: If you choose to make round fondant candies, after shaping them, put them in a compartmentalized candy holder. They will melt at one end, but at that end you will be able to put the stick for the lollipop very well.

If you haven't found lollipop sticks, you can replace them with skewer sticks to adjust their length.

The melting sticks are left to dry on a board lined with plastic wrap, before being served.

19 culinary inventions, in which creativity is combined with a little strangeness!

We have gathered the most interesting delicacies, which you will first want to admire, then to enjoy.

1. Transparent coffee

Transparent coffee was invented in Slovakia. Brothers David and Adam Nagy decided that the perfect coffee does not color the teeth and does not soil the clothes, that is why they invented this drink, the recipe of which is kept secret.

2. Garlic flavored ice cream

Garlic-flavored ice cream first appeared in California: it was transformed into the traditional preparation of the Garlic Festival in the city of Santa Cruz.

3.Geometric desert

One of the examples of creativity from the talented Ukrainian confectioner Dinara Kasko, who specializes in such geometrically verified desserts.

4. Bright donuts

These donuts were invented in a cafe in Sydney and only the glaze shines in the dark. It is not only beautiful, but also vitaminized: it contains riboflavin and vitamin B2.

5. Drop cake

This popular dessert in Japan is made from agar-agar and pure alpine water. For taste add soy flour and maple syrup. The dessert is considered not only tasty, but also light.

6. Blue wine

This wine is a natural product, because only natural dyes are used in its manufacture. Any white wine is passed through the skin of the red grapes, and as a result the unusual color is obtained.

7. Breaded maple leaves

This Japanese delicacy is especially popular in the fall. The maple leaves are dried or marinated, then fried in sweet dough in a considerable amount of oil.

8.Desert illusion

What you see is not an egg with toast, but a panacotta with mango and lemon sponge cake. The confectioner calls himself a "food illusionist," and indeed, dessert has something magical about it.

9. Japanese ice cream

Who said ice cream balls have to be boring? Japanese confectioners do not agree with this and are happy to decorate their desserts for children and adults.

10.Sandwich with edible soil, which can grow

The Dutch food designer invents organic and unusual dishes. One of them is the sandwich that can grow. The 3D canapé is filled with mushrooms, which can be eaten raw, and with edible soil.

11. “Dishwashing sponge” cake

One of the most unusual creations of the confectioner-illusionist Ben Churcill. Those who have the courage to taste it will be able to enjoy a truly delicious dessert.

12.Candles created with the help of the 3D printer

Of course, the 3D printer no longer surprises anyone, but the sweets of special shapes, created with its help, can not be made by hand.

13.Acadea created in the realistic Japanese amezaiku technique

Amezaiku is the ancient Japanese art of lollipop making, which was revived by confectioner Shinri Tezuka. The composition of the candies is simple: sugar, starch and organic paint. It all consists of complex production techniques.

14. Animated candies: the image of the bird changes with each bite

The dessert called "Fly me to the Moon" is created so that every time you bite you get the impression that the bird is flying to the moon.

15. Chocolate grater

A delight from Thailand for the brave: anyone can buy the dried cricket from the internet. In addition to crickets, you can also choose other insects in white or milk chocolate.

16. Borscht-flavored chips

These chips were invented for those who had a craving for their favorite taste, being emigrated, because they are usually sold in China and the United States.

17. Multicolored corn

The maize variety obtained by crossing several varieties does not only have a decorative role. This corn has all the beneficial properties as well as a delicate and rich taste.

18. Tomato-flavored ice cream

The fact that tomato is a fruit inspired the producers to create this ice cream. We can say that it is fruit.

19. Sweet black tomatoes

Which of these foods aroused your curiosity and appetite?

Lollipops with saffron

& Icirc & # 539i must:
115 ml glucose & # 259 liquid & # 259 & # 82321/2 p & # 259 vanilla station
250 g zah & # 259r & # 8232a powder of salt, 60 ml ap & # 259
1/8 tbsp & # 539 & # 259 & # 537from
2 tablespoons candied ginger, chopped m & # 259runt
vegetable oil
80 ml + 1 tablespoon pear liqueur
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Prepare two trays, which you line with baking paper, greased with vegetable oil. We put 30 beehives for the lollipops, the chopped ginger and the nature of the frying pans kept for decoration. Put the sugar in spoons and fry in a food processor or electric grinder, together with the core of the vanilla bean and press a few times. to mix them. Incorporate liquid glucose into this mixture, 80 ml of pear liqueur, salt and 60 ml of water. Put everything on medium heat, stir and stir until it boils, until the liquid reaches 148-149 degrees and binds well. Take the syrup off the heat and add the rest of the liqueur. Mix well. You must work quickly after this phase, otherwise the syrup will freeze. Carefully pour the syrup on the greased paper, place it on the tray, so that it forms circles 2 cm in diameter. Immediately place a bar of lollipops on the rotating wheels to attach them more easily to the lollipop, which will be attached to the lollipops. Sprinkle a few slices of chopped ginger over the lollipops. Le la & # 537i s & # 259 se r & # 259ceasc & # 259. The acadels can be kept in one storage space between two sheets of baking paper at room temperature.

Preparation: 50 minutes Boiling: 20-30 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 by Mihaela Georgeta Voinea, Ro & # 537iorii de Vede, Teleorman County

Video: Vegetable Bread Lollipop Recipe. Sandwich Lollipop. Pudla Sandwich. Vegetable Omlette Sandwich