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Want a Date with a Baller Chef?

Want a Date with a Baller Chef?

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Sous Style's Pippa Lord plays cupid for The Meatball Shop's Daniel Holzman

Those ballers over at The Meatball Shop have been keeping busy, and all work and no play makes chef Daniel Holzman a lonely boy. A new cookbook, a second and third branch of the restaurant, and a modeling gig have made it hard for one half of The Meatball Shop duo to find romance, until now.

Sous Style, the uber-chic fashion-meets-food web site by Elle's Pippa Lord is now playing matchmaker for the chef. With the help of Daniel's bestie and The Meatball Shop co-owner, Michael Chernow (who is married), Lord is helping ladies to find love and many a good meal with Holzman.

Some selling points? Holzman just finished reading The Beautiful and the Damned and likes going "to the movies, the museum, the park on a bike ride, upstate, skiing, snowboarding, out drinking," and so on. He's also a self-proclaimed "science dork."

So, if you're single, a history buff, and would rather chat over a dimly lit cornertable instead of at a crowded club, this is your chance. Send details about yourself and a tasteful photo (they're being screened!) to [email protected] and throw your hat in the ring. Endless meatballs and a killer ice cream sandwich — that's real love.

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